Cheap fly tickets

Cheap fly tickets

If one wants to save money on his air travel expenses, there are ways to do it. For such budget conscious persons some suggestions are offered here:

Plan well:

It is a known fact that those who book the tickets in advance get substantial discounts on most of the airlines. Even some of the popular airline offers this discount. The discount is much more in the case of ‘not so popular’ airlines. Ask the booking in charge how much discount one can enjoy by booking say about three months in advance. He will certainly guide the traveler. Normally, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and on Saturdays most of the airlines offer discount because on these days there is less demand for tickets. So, plan your itinerary to match these days. Another way to enjoy discount on air travel is to travel during offseason.

Book online:

Some frequent fliers are of the opinion that booking online is one of the most appropriate methods of saving on air tickets. However, while browsing go to the mode which shows comparative rate of various airlines to different destinations. The suggestion is, do not browse on any particular airline. This is because in such case, the person will not get the complete price chart of other airlines. In the absence of the comparative rates of different airlines, the flier will not be able to assess savings he would make by going through a particular airline.

Standby travel:

This is particularly true of frequent fliers. Many of the frequent fliers travel alone. Such persons are advised to check on the availability of the tickets and also the departure schedule. Ensure that the flying schedule of the airline matches with your itinerary.

Some even prefer to buy tickets in the last minute. Of course by this considerable discount can be availed. However, in such cases, the flier must ensure that the flying schedule of the flight is convenient to him. For example, if the flight were to reach late it may affect his other schedule.

Promotional flights:

This is one of the most appropriate ways to save on air tickets. Promotional flights always offer discounts on tickets and such discounts are available for specific periods. Sometimes such discounts will be applicable to few sectors. The flier can adjust his itinerary suitably so as to avail the discount. If the discount offered is for specific route and if such route aligns with the destination of the flier, the, he can make appropriate changes in his travel and by this the traveler can avail substantial discount.

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